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NOTICE (October 13, 2018): The MutPred server is experiencing heavy traffic and predictions are expected to take longer than usual to be returned (a couple of weeks). We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your patience.

MutPred is a web application tool developed to classify an amino acid substitution as disease-associated or neutral in human. In addition, it predicts molecular cause of disease. The tool requires a protein sequence, a list of amino acid substitutions, and an email address. MutPred was developed by Biao Li at Indiana University and was a joint project of the Mooney group at the University of Washington and the Radivojac group at Indiana University. Currently, this web site provides MutPred v.1.2. More information on the method and detailed instructions can be seen on the About MutPred page.

Update: Software for MutPred-LOF, a predictor of frameshifting and stop-gain mutations, available here.

Update: Pre-computed predictions for ~80 million theoretical non-synonymous amino acid substitutions from dbNSFP are available here.

Notice: If you would still like to run MutPred on more than 100 amino acid substitutions, please contact Prof. Predrag Radivojac.
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